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What is Email Composer? Email Composer is a database feature that allows you to created customized automated emails to send to your participants, worksite supervisors, or program staff. Emails are generated directly from the database, from the email address.

Suppose for example, that you wanted to worksite information and job descriptions to all of your newly-hired YouthWorks participants. Or suppose you wanted to send an email to everyone who was coded as "Invite to Interview" in the Pre-Matching screen. Or suppose that you wanted to send information to everyone who was registered for a workshop or career training program. Or tell participants about a workshop or training opportunity. Or email worksite supervisors from sites that hosted youth in a previous cycle. Or just invite everyone to an end-of-season pizza party. Email Composer can do all these things.

To get started, open the Email Composer screens via the Admin menu. There are two screens. In Step 1 you create the email, and in Step 2 you preview and send the email.

-- From a dropdown list, choose one of the possible "EMAIL SOURCES" (lists, or "queries") as the source for your email. The list of email sources may vary from time to time, and currently includes the following choices:
--- All Applicants, which includes everyone who has filled in the application form and/or information is in the youth profile... if status code is A=Active ... regardless of what their status is in the Matching screens. This query includes name, email, casemanager email, and some other information, plus it includes the personalized link to the documents screen, for uploading application documents.
--- All Participants, including everyone who is coded as Placed-YouthWorks and with a status code of A=Active. This query includes name, email, YouthWorks tier, case manager, etc., plus the Landing Page (Signal Success) web address.
--- Tier 1 Participants -- same as above for Tier 1 only
--- Tier 2 Participants -- same as above for Tier 2 only
--- Tier 3 Participants -- same as above for Tier 3 only
--- Worksite Information -- same as the All Participants list, also including information about the worksite that they are matched with on the matching screen, including job title, job description, worksite contact name, etc. If a participant is matched with more than one worksite, they will receive one email for each worksite.
--- Workshop/Training Information -- same as the All Participants list, also including information about any workshop or Career Training registrations that have been entered on the matching screens. If a participant is matched with more than one workshop or training, they will receive one email for each session.
--- Worksite contacts -- A list of all worksite contacts in the database, based on worksite contact names listed in the job descriptions screen.

In the next field, choose for any email going to participants. Or choose the appropriate option for any emails going to worksite contacts or to program staff.

In the next two fields, fill in a Title of the Email (which should be unique, and which will appear on the list of all your emails) and an Email Subject Line, which will appear in the email to the recipient.

When you finish this section, you can click to SAVE before continuing. When you SAVE, the list of fields, such as or or or will appear in a box on the right side of the screen. Use these fields as needed when you compose the email.

In this next step, write the email, including any fields to be merged in using brackets, such as Dear .

In the next field, check off the YWProgram or YWPrograms that will use this email.

Fill in the Reply-To email address to have replies come to you or a colleague or a general email address
Note that there are some advanced features available, as needed.

As another option, if you want to re-use and adapt an email that has already been created, you can use that feature, found in a box on the right side of the screen. Choose the title of an email you might want to re-use and click to PREVIEW. The text of the email will appear. in the box. If you want to use that email as a model for your email, click to make a copy. Then use the screen to edit the email and update any settings, as needed.

Once you have created an email, click to SAVE and then go to STEP 2.

In STEP 2 you can make sure you have chosen your email, you can make sure a REPLY-TO address is selected, and you can apply some filters to the email list.
-- For example, you can filter the ALL APPLICANTS query by Case Manager, by Participant Name & MMID. Or filter by Placement Status, so you can write to anyone who is coded as "Not Placed" or "Invite to Interview" on the Pre-Matching Screen.
-- Or you can filter the workshop/training query by course name or course start date, for example, to write to anyone registered for a particular course.
-- Or filter the worksite information query by worksite.
-- Or leave the filters blank to include everyone on the list.

CLICK TO PREVIEW.... and then scroll down and make sure that all of the merge fields are filled in, that the list of recipients seems correct, and that the email overall looks correct. Once you have previewed, you can scroll back up and click to SEND the email.


[1.] Notice that you can send emails one-at-a-time to participants via the Documents screen or via the Signal Success profile screen.

[2.] ADVANCED FEATURES / FOR ADMINS: Note that you can use the Custom Report features to create a query that can be used as an email source in the Email Composer screens.
[3.] MORE ADVANCED FEATURES / FOR ADMINS: Note that you can use the Manage Documents/Photos screen to upload a document, indicate that it will be used as an email attachment. THen, in Email Composer, select this document as an Email Attachment.