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Database Guide

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Copy of Registration Screen (new staff usernames/passwords)

ABOUT THIS PAGE: Add/Edit Workshop/Training Opportunities

Use the ADD/EDIT WORKSHOP/TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES page to add local/regional workshop and training opportunities, including Signal Success opportunities offered on the local/regional level.

(1.) In the "COURSE OR PROGRAM NAME" field, enter a specific name that you will call the workshop series or training opportunity, such as "SIGNAL SUCCESS MONDAY GROUP" or "SIGNAL SUCCESS FRIDAY GROUP" or "SIGNAL SUCCESS CITY HALL FRIDAYS;" or such as the name of a particular career training course offered in your region.

(2.) Use the date fields to indicate when the workshop series or training course begins and ends; or leave as 0000-00-00 if open-ended. Similarly, if enrollment opens and closes on particular dates, fill in those fields, or leave as 0000-00-00 if open. Workshop/training opportunities appear on the dropdown list on the matching screens based on any dates you fill in, or throughout the program cycle if the dates are 0000-00-00.

(3.) Fill in the class days, or "Asynchronous" and times, so that the course will appear on the youth calendar.

(4.) Fill in an online link (such as Zoom or Google Meeting) or a physical location in the fields provided. The link or location will appear on the youth calendar.

(5.) Fill in the number of participants. Once full, the opportunity will become inactive on the Matching screens. If necessary, you can return to this screen and increase the number of participants to allow more participants to be added via the matching screen.

(6.) Be sure to fill in the "OPPORTUNITY TYPE" section:
- Specify whether the opportunity will be available to the whole region or to your YWProgram only.
- Specify the type of opportunity, which would typically be "Signal Success" or "Career Training."
- The Opportunity Code is not needed, and is mostly used for statewide training opportunities.

(7.) The field for a "Video Embed" code is mostly used at the statewide level to provide a link to the series of videos about the statewide Micro-Career Training opportunity. Ask for database advice/help if you are interested in using this field.


Youth are enrolled in these workshops or training opportunities via the MATCHING SCREEN.

Youth can view the workshops/training sessions that they are enrolled in via the CALENDAR on the YOUTH LANDING PAGES.