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ABOUT THIS PAGE: Attendance View

For Local YouthWorks Program Staff: The Attendance View screen is designed to show attendance for youth in your YW Program or Region, including attendance entered by statewide instructors or local staff, and self-reported attendance in Career Chats. As of Summer2021, much of the attendance data is for courses provided statewide; however the attendance screen, class lists screen, and attendance view can be used for locally- and regionally-provided courses as well.

For Training Providers: For staff from the training provider organizations (such as CCCC, MVCC or AGI): You can view attendance for participants registered for your organization`s courses.

To use the screen: Simply choose a date range and a course name (or -ALL-) and click to continue. Section I of the report shows attendance for each youth, with column headings for each date on which attendance has been recorded. Section II is simply a list of courses and dates for which any attendance has been data entered so that you know whether to expect to see attendance data for your participants.


Report Y106 provides an alternate view of the attendance data. Check the ATTENDANCE and CLASS LISTS report categories for additional related reports.