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Database Guide

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Additional Attendance

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Searching, Finding, Merging, Managing Records

WHERE IS...? Database Guide Tips

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Search/Find - All Signal Success Responses


Regional Enrollment Goals

Add Opportunities (Workshops, Training)

Youth Information Screens

Online Application Links

Application Documents

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


ABOUT THIS PAGE: Add Opportunities (Workshops, Training)

This page is designed for adding Career Training, Signal Success Workshops, any project-based learning or peer leadership networks that include online meetings, and other opportunities to the database. This screen includes spaces to include a meeting schedule (dates, times, frequency of meeting), online links, and other details so that opportunities can be added to participant calendars. This screen uses a CourseName rather than a PositionJobTitle to identify each opportunity. The OrganizationName is generally "Signal Success" or "Career Training" rather than an employer/worksite name.
During Summer2021, this screen is being used for statewide opportunities only, but it can be used to create local or regional-level training opportunities or other types of opportunities.

*** As a technical note: These opportunities, like worksites, are saved in the JobDescriptions table *** and appear on the dropdown lists in the matching screen, so that participants can be matched with these opportunities.

*** Note that the name of the underlying table (JobDescriptions) and the name of the JobDescriptionID field are names that reflect pre-pandemic YouthWorks program design. With the creation of online statewide opportunities, the array of opportunities expanded, and so the JobDescriptions table can be thought of more broadly as the WORKSITE/TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES table.