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Database Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview

2. Basic Navigation



Youth Information

Online Application Links

Application Documents (W4, I9,etc.)

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


Worksite Information

Add/Edit Job Descriptions

Worksites - Contact Names

Add/Edit Workshop/Training Opportunities


Pre-Matching Screen

Matching Screen

Youth Matching By Checklist

Work-Based Learning Plans

WBLP Step 1 - Job Description

WBLP Step 2 - Define Skills/Tasks

WBLP Step 3 - Reviews

Send WBLP to Supervisor

Batch Create Work-Based Learning Plans

Youth Landing Pages


Attendance Screen

Class List Screen

Attendance View

Participation Hours (BETA)

Participation Hours Individual (BETA)

Additional Attendance

Admin Menu

Customizing Application Forms

Customize Application Form - Step 1

Customize Application Form - Step 2


EMAIL COMPOSER - Step 1 - Compose Emails

EMAIL COMPOSER - Step 2 - Preview and Send Custom Emails

Program Completion

Searching, Finding, Merging, Managing Records

Search/Find - All Signal Success Responses

Record Status View (Active and Inactive Records)

Review/Merge Duplicates

Check Records for Blank Fields

Usernames / User Signins

Copy of Registration Screen (new staff usernames/passwords)

ABOUT THIS PAGE: Youth Matching By Checklist

The MATCHING BY CHECKLIST screen provides an alternative method for matching youth with worksite and workshop/training opportunities.

To use this screen, choose a WORKSITE or WORKSHOP/TRAINING opportunity from the dropdown list at the top of the screen and click to APPLY. Notice that the opportunity name or title appears on the title bar above the list of participant names. The list of names includes anyone who is placed, including PLACED-YOUTHWORKS or PLACED NON-YOUTHWORKS. (It is assumed that you used the PRE-MATCHING SCREEN or MATCHING SCREEN to indicate who is placed.)

Simply use the checkbox to select the names you want enrolled in that opportunity and click to SAVE. Try to pay attention to the class size or number of openings in the worksite. However, if you try to enroll more than the maximum, a message will appear on the page to let you know that some youth were not enrolled.