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ABOUT THIS PAGE: Add/Edit Job Descriptions

Before each program cycle, local programs should gather information about each of the worksites that will be available to participating youth. Information about each worksite should be entered into the database: (1.) WORKSITE managers can enter the information using the online WORKSITE APPLICATION FORM; or (2.) PROGRAM STAFF should create a job description for each position that will be available during the program.

Note that some worksites may offer several different types of positions, with distinct job titles. One form should be completed for each job title.

Note that if you will provide Work-Based Learning Plans for each youth, the job title, job description and skills/tasks can flow automatically from the JOB DESCRIPTION form to to Work-Based Learning Plan.


The WORKSITE APPLICATION FORM which is available online for worksites to complete is equivalent to the ADD/EDIT JOB DESCRIPTIONS screen.

The CUSTOMIZE APPLICATION FORMS screens, available to program admins, can be used to customize the choice of fields on the worksite application, as well as the wording for some of the optional questions.

Use the ONLINE APPLICATION FORMS screen (under the Worksite Information tab) to specify whether the WORKSITE APPLICATION FORM is being used, and if it is currently open or closed.