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Database Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview

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Pre-Matching Screen

Matching Screen

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Work-Based Learning Plans

WBLP Step 1 - Job Description

WBLP Step 2 - Define Skills/Tasks

WBLP Step 3 - Reviews


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Additional Attendance

Customizing Forms


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Searching, Finding, Merging, Managing Records

WHERE IS...? Database Guide Tips

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Regional Enrollment Goals

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Youth Information Screens

Online Application Links

Application Documents

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


ABOUT THIS PAGE: WBLP Step 3 - Reviews

The screen "Step 3 - WBLP Reviews" presents the full Work-Based Learning Plan, ready to be used in the Work-Based Learning Plan review. The Work-Based Learning Plan includes the job description, six Employability Skills that are included in every work experience, and 3-5 workplace-specific skills that were identified that are relevant to this work experience. There are two reviews based on these skills, with a first review to be held early in the work experience and a second review to be held near the end of the work experience.

The database offers several options for viewing and completing the Work-Based Learning Plan., including this database screen which is available to program staff, a "send-to-supervisor" link that is available to supervisors, and a printer-friendly version that can be printed (including job description and skills/tasks) and completed as a pen-and-paper document.

See the PowerPoint and video for further ideas about using the WBLP.

Here is a screenprint of an excerpt from this page: