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ABOUT THIS PAGE: WBLP Step 2 - Define Skills/Tasks

In Step 1 and Step 2 of the Work-Based Learning Plan (WBLP), we identify a job description and then 3-5 work-based learning skills that will be the focus of the work experience.

There are several ways to write the job description and identify these skills.
OPTION 1: On the online job description screen, there is a box for a job description and a checklist of WBLP skills. The worksite or program staff who complete the job description screen can write the job description and check 3-5 skills from the checklist. These skills will automatically appear on the WBLP, along with a brief description of each skill.

OPTION 2: Within the database, there are some pre-written job descriptions and skills/tasks lists, for common work experience areas such as parks and landscaping, graphic design, or childcare. On Step 1 - Job Description, staff can import from these choices and edit as desired.

OPTION 3: Program staff can fill in the WBLP job description and skills using the Step 1 - Job Description and Step 2 - Skills/Tasks screens.
Please see the PowerPoint presentation or video for more ideas about who-does-what and about using the WBLP online or via pen-and-paper.

On this screen, there is a grid with two columns and up to seven rows. In the first column, type a skill name or choose a skill name from the dropdown list. The dropdown list is a "datalist" style of list, allowing you to type and/or choose from the list. For example, type the word `literacy` and you will see several skills that include the word `literacy.` Choose, for example, "Early Childhood - Reading Literacy." Click the blue arrow to make the program fill in the box in the second column with a description of this skill.

Note that the dropdown list and fill-in feature may work slightly differently in different browsers.

The choice of these 3-5 skills is a valuable part of the work experience. This process opens up conversations with interns, to help them think about the skills they are developing, gain vocabulary to describe what they have learned, and set goals for continuing to build these skills.

Here is a screen print showing an excerpt from this page.