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Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


ABOUT THIS PAGE: Youth Profile

The youth profile contains information from the youth application form. Information may be gathered via the online application form, via import from a spreadsheet, or directly data entered into the Youth Profile screen. In addition to the information from the online youth application, the Youth Profile includes additional fields that are typically filled in by staff during the enrollment and matching process:
- Risk factors
- Low-income status
- Program leverage (i.e., cross-enrollment in other related programs including Connecting Activities)

(1.) REQUIRED FIELDS: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are considered required fields and should be filled in as early in the program cycle as is practical. Fields marked with two asterisks (**) are required at the time of the application and must be filled in before saving the form.

(2.) CUSTOMIZED VS. STANDARD FIELDS: Some fields are automatically included on these screens for all programs/regions, while others are optional and may be selected, and customized, via the "Customize Application Screens" features.

(3.) STATUS CODES: Records are entered with a status of A (A=Active) unless changed. If a youth is temporarily inactive, but may become active again, you may, if you wish, use the I=Inactive code. If a record was incomplete or entered in error, you may use R=Remove/Archive. PLEASE NOTE that rather than coding duplicates as D=Duplicate, it is best to use the "MERGE DUPLICATES" feature to see if one or the other copy of the youth`s profile has any other information attached, including application documents (i.e., uploading W4, I9, etc.); matching screen records, or Signal Success self-paced modules. The "Merge Duplicates" screen, available from the Admin menu, assists in carefully merging duplicates.


The "Customize Application Screens" provide options to customize the online Youth Application and Youth Profile for your YWProgam.

The MATCHING screen is used to indicate placement status, case manager, YouthWorks tier, worksite, and enrollment in workshops/training.

The MERGE DUPLICATES and VIEW INACTIVE RECORDS screens are useful for managing duplicate records, inactive profiles or other situations. See "MERGING/FINDING/SEARCHING in the database guide for details.

The YOUTH SNAPSHOT screen summarized information from several different screens, including the Youth Profile, Matching, and other screens.