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Database Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview

2. Basic Navigation

4. Lists / Resources



Youth Information

Online Application Links

Application Documents

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


Worksite Information

Add/Edit Job Descriptions

Worksites - Contact Names

Add/Edit Workshop/Training Opportunities


Pre-Matching Screen

Matching Screen

Youth Matching By Checklist

Work-Based Learning Plans

WBLP Step 1 - Job Description

WBLP Step 2 - Define Skills/Tasks

WBLP Step 3 - Reviews


Attendance View

Additional Attendance

Customizing Forms


EMAIL - Email Composer

Searching, Finding, Merging, Managing Records

WHERE IS...? Database Guide Tips

Record Status View (Active and Inactive Records)

Search/Find - All Signal Success Responses


Regional Enrollment Goals

Add Opportunities (Workshops, Training)

1. Introduction and Overview

VIDEO: Database Overview

INTRODUCTION: The database is designed to support each of the steps of the YouthWorks program, from gathering applications from youth and from worksites, to matching, to gathering worksite placement details, developing Work-Based Learning Plans, guiding students through Signal Success and building their portfolios, and additional screens for recording other youth milestones, for grant reporting and for looking at database reports and lists. This video provides a broad overview about the database.
As reference: view/download the PowerPoint presentation:

EXCERPTS: Excerpts from YouthWorks Database Overview (Fall 2021).pptx.

FULL PRESENTATION: YouthWorks Database Overview (Fall 2021 Database Training) BG.v2.pptx.