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Database Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview

2. Basic Navigation

4. Lists / Resources



Youth Information

Online Application Links

Application Documents

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


Worksite Information

Add/Edit Job Descriptions

Worksites - Contact Names

Add/Edit Workshop/Training Opportunities


Pre-Matching Screen

Matching Screen

Youth Matching By Checklist

Work-Based Learning Plans

WBLP Step 1 - Job Description

WBLP Step 2 - Define Skills/Tasks

WBLP Step 3 - Reviews


Attendance View

Additional Attendance

Customizing Forms


EMAIL - Email Composer

Searching, Finding, Merging, Managing Records

WHERE IS...? Database Guide Tips

Record Status View (Active and Inactive Records)

Search/Find - All Signal Success Responses


Regional Enrollment Goals

Add Opportunities (Workshops, Training)

Youth Information Screens

Online Application Links

Application Documents

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile



Creating Career Training Opportunities

Statewide Career Training opportunities should be data entered into the Databook screens, using the "Add/Edit Workshop/Training Opportunties" screen. These opportunities will appear on the dropdown list based on the following criteria:

(1.) In the current YWProgramCycle

(2.) Code as "Statewide" for statewide opportunties. These will be visible to all.
- NOTE: Use the specific region or YWProgram setting to data enter trainings or workshops that are specific to a region or YWProgram.

(3.) Code as "Career Training" to make sure workshops fall under the Career Training heading.
- NOTE: There are also options for statewide peer leadership and project-based learning options. These are not currently active, but could be used again in the future.

(4.) Fill in an enrollment opening and closing date to specify when the opportunities appear on the dropdown lists on the matching screen. Or leave as 0000-00-00 to allow the opportunities to appear throughout the cycle.

(5.) Fill in a starting and ending date.

(6.) Fill in a number of openings. The opportunity will be available until full, and it will then move to the bottom of the dropdown list. SuperAdmins can still match into opportunties that are full.

(7.) Fill in other details, including the information that is needed for placing the training/workshop on the calendar on the youth landing page. This includes start and end dates, start and end times, days of the week, whether there is a bi-weekly schedule, whether it is ASynchronous, etc.

(8.) The video embed field is used for the "EMBED" code to show a video on the youth landing pages. Use the "EMBED" feature under "SHARE" in YouTube or Vimeo. This will be an "" and not the additional links/text.