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Database Guide

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Regions, YWPrograms and YWProgramCycles

All youth and worksite information within the database is organized by region, ywprogram and ywprogramcycle.

Region = The 15 workforce regions in Massachusetts - the MassHire Workforce Board regions.

YWProgram = Specific YouthWorks programs within each region. In some regions there is just one YouthWorks program, with coordinated staffing, recruitment, matching and reporting. In other regions, there is a different YouthWorks program for each program city, each with its own staffing, recruitment, matching and reporting. Or, such as in Boston, more than one YouthWorks program might serve the same city. Within the database, screens and reports with information about youth participants, worksites, matching screens, workshop/training attendance, online application customizations, staff usernames, etc., are specific to the YWProgram.

Staff with an "Staff", "Admin1" or "Instructor" database username view just the records within the YWProgram.

Regional-level staff with an "Admin2" database username can use a dropdown list in the top right corner of the database screens to view each YWProgram in the region, or to browse records across the whole region. (NOTE that data entry should always be done at the YWProgram level; not at the region-wide level.)

At the beginning of a program cycle, regional-level staff can ask to modify the list of YWPrograms in the region, such as adding a YWProgram to cover a new city or town, or merging two or more YWprograms into one.

YWProgramCycle = the designation for the program cycle, such as Summer2021 or YearRound2021_22. Use the dropdown list in the top right corner of any database screen to identify the program cycle. Notice that the database uses a different color heading for each program cycle.