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Database Guide

Admin Features

Customizing the Youth and Worksite Application Fields

Use the Customization buttons located at the bottom of your screen to add or edit the fields on the Worksite and Youth Application forms. You can reach the Customization screens through the "Customize Application" link or from the "Admin Features" menu, both found in the blue navigation bar in the footer of any screen.

Customize Application Form - Step 1:
Use the STEP 1 button to select pre-populated questions that we have seen on youth applications. Examples include questions about t-shirt size, allergies, questions about what type of transportation the applicant plans to use to get to a worksite.
* A variety of optional questions are listed, and you may check to indicate that you want to include these questions on the application form, or that you want to include these questions on your data entry screens (but not on the application form).
* You may also rephrase any of these questions, including the personal statement (essay) question and a locally-written question about whether the applicant is interested in working in food systems & agriculture.
* You may also customize the text that is found on the "About YouthWorks" pages that are included with the youth application and worksite application.

Customize Application- Step 2:
* You may also add questions to the application, if a relevant question is not available in Step 1.

Appendix 1 : Customizing Application Fields