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Database Guide

1. Introduction and Overview

Adding Worksites via the Online Application, Data Entry or Import

The process for adding worksites to the database is essentially the same as the process for adding youth applicants. For each available job posting, create a JOB DESCRIPTION in the database. Some companies/organizations may offer more than one job description. For example, a summer camp program may hire youth as Camp Counselor I, Camp Counselor II, and possibly other job titles. Each job title should have an entry in the database, with the name of the organization (worksite), a job title, job description, number of openings available, and other details.

Individuals from the worksites may use the online Worksite Application form to submit this information, or you may gather the information on paper or by phone or in person and data enter it, or you may import the information from a spreadsheet. See the "Worksite Information" dropdown on the navigation bar to find the online application form link and to find the screen to Add/Edit Job Descriptions.

Worksite Information Menu