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Database Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Overview

2. Basic Navigation

4. Lists / Resources



Youth Information

Online Application Links

Application Documents

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


Worksite Information

Add/Edit Job Descriptions

Worksites - Contact Names

Add/Edit Workshop/Training Opportunities


Pre-Matching Screen

Matching Screen

Youth Matching By Checklist

Work-Based Learning Plans

WBLP Step 1 - Job Description

WBLP Step 2 - Define Skills/Tasks

WBLP Step 3 - Reviews


Attendance View

Additional Attendance

Customizing Forms


EMAIL - Email Composer

Searching, Finding, Merging, Managing Records

WHERE IS...? Database Guide Tips

Record Status View (Active and Inactive Records)

Search/Find - All Signal Success Responses


Regional Enrollment Goals

Add Opportunities (Workshops, Training)

Youth Information Screens

Online Application Links

Application Documents

Youth Details / Menu

Youth Profile


2. Basic Navigation

Getting Started / Signing In

Sign in at

New YouthWorks staff can fill in the registration form to sign up for a username/password. From the sign-in page at, click the button to "Register for a Username (for program staff)." Fill in the form, including the following. Please check with your colleagues to make sure you know the correct YWProgram, city and region.
- your name
- email address
- job title
- Name of YWProgram
- YouthWorks program city
- Region
- For staff from any of the statewide training vendors (currently AGI, CCCC and MWCC) please choose your organization from the dropdown list; otherwise leave blank.

Once you fill in the form, click to SAVE. An administrator from your region will approve your request for a username, make sure that you have the correct YWProgram setting, choose your account type, and then click to generate a welcome email to you with your username and password.

Things to know:
-- If you do not choose the correct region, the regional administrator will not be able to see your request, and so one of you will need to check with state-level staff to find and approve your username request.
-- Each staff is given an account type, which provides different levels of database access, depending on your role. Account types include instructor, staff, admin1, admin2, statewide instructor or statewide admin. These are defined in the database overview presentation.
-- Note that each staffperson should have their own username (that is, do not share usernames).

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